Faster recruitment

Medicollect delivers patients in 2-3 weeks because we have direct access to our patients panels.

Safer recruitment

With Medicollect, you only pay for randomised patients. There are no start-up fees and no service charges.

More reliable recruitment

Our feasibility is reliable because all patients in Medicollect’s panels are registered with detailed and updated health history.

Our Services

  • Proactive Report

    Proactive Report© is a unique Medicollect service assisting our clients in feasibility surveys. It is delivered free of charge within 48 hours providing a reliable forecast for a specific study considering inclusion and exclusion criteria, number of trial sites; visits, etc.

    Proactive Report© is the result of study-specific data mining in Medicollect’s patient panels, calculations, and knowledge simulation. It relies on information provided by the the Proactive Check List completed by the client.

    Request a Proactive Check List here, fill it in and return it to
    The Proactive Report© will be delivered free of charge within 48 hours.

  • Telephone screening by study nurse

    When a project is confirmed by a client, Medicollect matches the protocol specific inclusion and exclusion criteria with the health data in our patient panels. The result is a sample of potential participants.
    Then, Medicollect’s study nurse contacts by phone all potential participants, interviewing them, and confirming compliance with the protocol requirement.
    The study nurse also informs patients about the trial details, and confirms their motivation for participation in the trial.

  • Site Engagement

    The pre-screened patients are delivered via Medicollect “Enroller”, which is Medicollect’s easy to use online portal for delivery, feedback and communication between Medicollect and the sites.

    The study team has access to their patients’ contact data and Medicollect study nurse’s pre-screening notes about the patients’ health condition, medications etc. Medicollect study nurses collaborate closely with the study teams at the sites and assist in the contact and pre-visit screening process.

If you would like to know more about what we can offer you then write us an email or give us a call. We’re looking forward to meeting you!