Medicollect looking to hire Sales Manager in UK

Medicollect UK Ltd is newly formed subsidiary of a Scandinavian based patient recruitment organisation with a unique business model and proposition aimed at pharma, CROs and biotec.

Medicollect was established in 2012 and has gained a leading position in Denmark and Sweden within its field. Its customers are MSD, Bayer, Sanofi, Novo Nordisk, GSK and other smaller pharma/biotec.

Medicollect is now rolling out its ambitious strategy aiming at becoming the leading patient community company in Europe. UK is set to become the new European hub for the 2019-2021-expansion into all major European countries (Germany, France, Spain, Italy).

The UK team:

Our new Sales Manager in UK will play a leading role in executing this plan successfully. The Sales Manager will become the first staff member of the Medicollect UK Ltd and will be leading the team, which for a start will include a study nurse and a proposal writer. All staff members will have home offices, but we will be setting up a location for you to meet and team up occas ionally.

The job:

The sales manager will be responsible for promoting Medicollect services to pharma and biotec companies in the UK. The hard core KPIs will be: established contacts, introductionary meetings, project proposals and purchase orders. Medicollect’s existing clients in the UK (Sanofi, Bayer and others) will be handed over and serviced by the Sales Manager. You will work closely together with the CEO of Medicollect, who also acts as Sales Executive to global clients.

Pharma companies are often large complex organisations, which makes it challenging to identify the right decision makers, who are high ranking directors and heads of clinical trial operation.

The person:

We are looking for an ambitious and outgoing professional, probably in the 30’es, with a confident and well-manered approach. The person must have personal sales experience from the pharmaceutical industri. This could have been achieved from a position with a CRO or other supplier to the industri. Our new sales manager probably holds a degree from a university, either within business or science. We consider ourselves to be hard working, open and honest, tougher than the rest and bright heads. We hope you fit this decription.

The compensation and perspective:

Our Sales Manager will be offered a very competitive salary. On top of that we offer an attractive bonus. The sales manager will play a key role in the 2019-2021 European expansion, which could lead to new assignments and responsibilities in the future.

If your interested please contact CEO Torben Lind,


Obesity, weight reduction and NASH among type 2 diabetics

Medicollect has gathered answers from 2.247 members with type 2 diabetes of its Danish Research Panel ( The survey was conducted online 29.-31. January 2018. And we would like to share the results with you.

Type 2 diabetes and overweight are closely connected. But to what extend? What is the average BMI for a person diagnosed with type 2 diabetes? The answer is 31.4.

BMI among type 2 diabetics – distribution in weight classes


But what do people do about their overweight? This issue is approached with two questions.

Have you within the last year reduced your weight with 10 kilos or more?


Have you undergone a weight reduction gastric bypass?


There is an increased focus on Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) and particularly the more serious version NASH (Non Alcoholic Steatohepatitis). Not only because the prevalence is estimated to have doubled since 2000, but also because new treatments are being developed.

NASH is a silent disease, i.e it shows no symptoms. Therefor it is seldom diagnosed. The prevalence of NASH is widely discussed, estimates range from 2-5% of the adult population. The disease is much more common among type 2 diabetics (40% of all NASH patients have diabetes). But the question is, how many type 2 diabetics are actually diagnosed with NASH?

Have you been diagnosed with Non Alcoholic Liver Disease, NAFLD or NASH?


Only 17 out of 2.247 (1,3%) type 2 diabetics report having a NASH/NAFLD diagnose. This is considerably lower than the estimated prevalence among type 2 diabetics (10-15%).

So the conclusion is, that only 1 out of 10 NASH patients (among type 2 diabetics) are diagnosed.