Medicollect mobility scooter lottery

Mobility Scooter

We have compiled a list with the most frequently asked questions on Medicollect’s Mobility Scooter Lottery. 

1) What can you win? There is only one prize in the competition and it is a Roma Valencia Travel Mobility Scooter.

2) Can the prize be exchanged for cash? No, the prize cannot be exchanged for cash.

3) Who pays for delivery of the scooter? Medicollect pays delivery costs for mailing addresses in mainland UK. The scooter will be shipped within 2-3 business days of prize notification. A delivery time of 5 business days can be expected for most of mainland UK.

4) Who is organizing this lottery? The company Medicollect is responsible for this lottery. You can read more about Medicollect at

5) Who can participate in the lottery? All citizens of the UK with a documented MS diagnosis can participate in the competition.

6) Can I enter more than once? Participants can enter the competition one time only.

7) What are the chances of winning? Medicollect will raffle of the mobility scooter when 1000 people diagnosed with MS have joined The British MS Research Panel. Therefore, there is 1/1000 chance of winning.

8) When will the winning lottery be drawn? Medicollect will draw the winner within 30 days of The British MS Research Panel reaching its goal of 1000 members.

9) Does everyone have an equal chance of winning? Yes, each member who has fit the requirement of having an MS diagnosis, living in the UK, with one entry in the draw, will have 1 chance of winning.  

10) Does it cost anything to participate? No, membership with The British MS Research Panel does not cost anything. All that is required to participate in the draw is that you, as a resident of the UK, register as a member of The British MS Research Panel and that you have been given a formal MS diagnosis.

JOIN The British MS Research Panel AND JOIN THE LOTTERY FOR 1 Roma Valencia Travel Mobility Scooter. CLICK this link to join survey 

The full legal description of the lottery is here:


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