• Patients ready for enrollment

    Pre-screened by our study nurses

Medicollect delivers supplement patients directly to sites. All referred patients have been individually pre-screened by a trained study nurse, and have been informed about the study and motivated to participate. So Medicollect patients are easy for the site to contact and have a high probabilty of randomisation.

  • About our patient panels

    Membership of Medicollect’s Patient Panels is on a completely volunteer basis, and no members are paid anything for their membership or participation.
    All members have provided individual personal consent for Medicollect to gather, store, and communicate their self-informed health data as needed for Medicollect to perform the pre-screening. This procedure is approved by The Danish Data Protection Agency for all EU-countries and EU-citizens.

  • All chronic diseases are covered

    Medicollect patients panels include people with all diseases according to the diseases’ prevalence in the adult-elderly population. A majority of the members are + 60 years, but for some diseases like IBD and MS the members are younger.

    For the major chronic diseases like diabetes and cardio vascular the patient panels are large, counting thousands of members.

  • Referred patients ready to contact

    All patients referred to a site by Medicollect have been interviewed by one of our study nurses.
    The study nurse has confirmed compliance with the protocol requirements and inclusion/exclusion criteria, and has informed the patient about the trial details. This ensures their motivation for participation in the trial.

    The recruited patients’ health information, individual contact details, and notes from the nurse’s pre-screening interview, are provided via a userfriendly online portal, ”Medicollect Enroller”. Ready and easy for the nurse to call and book a screening visit – and with a high probability of randomisation.

Do you have any questions about our services? Please do not hesitate to contact us – we are more than willing to answer any questions you might have.