Dedicated focus on relations with site personnel

In order to build upon Medicollect’s great relations with site personnel, Medicollect has decided to hire two dedicated Site Relations Managers, responsible for communication with research nurses and investigators at sites in Denmark and United Kingdom.

For quite a while, we have been looking for people with strong communication skills, thorough understanding of the challenges faced by site personnel, and an empathetic personality. I am happy to say that we have succeeded”, says Medicollect’s CEO, Rene Vind Ludwigs.

The British Site Relations Manager, Cassie Merenick is an experienced nurse with several health care competencies from both Canada and Sweden. She has been involved  with research projects throughout  her career.  She has extensive knowledge about the work day as a nurse and insights on strongholds, and the challenges site personnel face.

I know how difficult it is to find the patients needed for modern clinical trials. Protocols are becoming increasingly specific, with narrowing participation criteria. This, in turn, leads to greater patient recruitment challenges. Finding the time and resources to recruit patients is becoming a  heavier burden for site personnel”, Cassie Merenick explains.

And she continues:
This position as Site Relations Manager, is like a dream come true  professionally. I have always wanted to combine my competencies within clinical research while meeting patient’s needs. At Medicollect I have the opportunity to achieve this rare and unique combination. It makes me very proud and enthusiastic”.

Want to know more about Medicollect’s focus on site relations?

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Facts on Medicollect

  • Patient Recruitment Organisation (PRO) since 2012
  • Recruiting patients in Europe across all diseases
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