Medicollect expands to UK

There has been great interest in participating in Medicollect’s diabetic panel in Denmark. Therefore Medicollect has decided to establish a panel in England.

In UK the panel will be called “My Life With Diabetes” and the goal is to reach 50,000 British members during 2016.

“It’s clearly a very ambitious goal, but we have set the goal high because our clients demand far more patients in England than in Denmark,” says director Henrik Vincentz.

So far, companies such as SANOFI, NOVO and GSK have shown interest in using Medicollect’s services in UK.

Medicollect gets new CEO

Medicollect was founded in 2012 by Henrik Vincentz and Torben Lind. Since then the company has grown its client base substantially, and the business has proved its sustainability.

In order to strengthen its international profile, the founders have decided to invite a new partner and CEO into the company, and the choice has fallen on Rene Vind Ludwigs, who with his experience in pharma and medical device industry brings strong skills and a comprehensive knowledge of customers’ business processes .

“We are absolutely convinced that we have made the right choice by inviting Rene Ludwig in as a partner”, says the founder, Henrik Vincentz.

Rene Ludwig comes from a position as CSO at Mission Pharma and before that he worked several years as General Manager at GN Resound and at Ambu.

Medicollect’s management now consists of CEO Rene Ludwig, COO Torben Lind and CCO Henrik Vincentz.

Patient recruitment company, Medicollect, in close cooperation with Danish Diabetes Association

Medicollect has taken the initiative to establish the Danish group for diabetics who want to participate in clinical research, The Diabetics Panel.

Danish Diabetes Association will invite their members to sign up for the free membership of The Diabetics Panel, and by doing so, they acknowledges their members’ wish to know about the current diabetes research.

Medicollect also acknowledge the importance of the work done by Danish Diabetes Association, and will therefore send out information to all panel members about Danish Diabetes Association.

Medicollect is proud of this cooperation, and Torben Lind, COO, states: “Cooperation at such strategic level is a testimony to the seriousness, and professionalism with which we work, and we are proud to be acknowledged by a institution as fundamental for Danish diabetics as Danish Diabetics Association”.

So far, the cooperation spans until summer 2015, with the possibility of being prolonged into a more ongoing framework.

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Patient recruitment company, Medicollect, continues final vendor qualification streak with MSD

Earlier this year, Medicollect achieved its first vendor milestone, when worlds second largest pharmaceutical company, Novartis, finalized the detailed vendor qualification process.

Now, MSD has also approved all SOP’s submitted by Medicollect for vendor qualification, making it the second finalized procedure from a global pharmaceutical company in mere months.

Pharmaceutical companies and CROs have shown huge interest in Medicollect’s services. It is a clear testimony to Medicollect’s innovative aspects and professionalism that global pharmaceutical companies are eager to enter into vendor partnerships with Medicollect.

As Torben Lind, COO in Medicollect, phrases it: “Medicollect focuses exclusively on solving the recruitment challenge faced by companies involved with clinical trial, and our services come across as the best solution the market has to offer right now”.

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Danish patient recruitment company, Medicollect, reports great success with Diabetics Panel and COPD Panel.

facebook page.jpgIn March 2014 patient recruitment company, Medicollect, took initiative to establish groups for Danes with either Diabetes or COPD. Besides the diagnosis, only requirement is a willingness to participate in clinical research.

Already the first month, there were more than 1,000 members in each panel and since then it has grown steadily to more than 3,000 members . Currently, more than 100 new members sign up every week.

This rapid growth is a testimony to the great interest among Danes with diabetes and COPD when it comes to active participation in clinical research on new drugs.

Medicollect has already received great interest from pharmaceutical companies and CRO’s, as we have recruited patients with diabetes to 3 different trials:

Grünenthal needs people with diabetes and nerve pain and Sanofi seeks diabetics to two large trials with the new drug Lixilan.

At Medicollect we are proud of the tremendous interest and are very pleased to facilitate the contact between Danish diabetics and researchers.

Both the COPD Panel and the Diabetic Panel have their own pages on Facebook. The more people who know about the panels, the greater the chance that we get new medicines to Denmark.

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Danish patient recruitment company, Medicollect, establishes research panels within Diabetes and COPD

Patient recruitment company, Medicollect, has decided to build and run proprietary patient panels within diabetes, COPD, and cardiovascular diseases.

Until now, the patient recruitment company has based its deliveries on existing patient panels from sub-contractors, but with the new strategy, it will be possible to provide more patients much faster and with a higher rate of randomization.

During spring 2014 Medicollect will establish The Diabetics Panel and shortly thereafter COPD and heart follows respectively.

Torben Lind, CEO in Medicollect, says: “Medicollect has tested several recruitment strategies, and we are confident that, with our new strategy, we have lined out a strong solution to the recruitment challenges faced by most global companies working with clinical trials.
We are truly looking forward to testing this solution in Denmark and then shortly after introducing it internationally”.

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