Medicollect looking to hire Sales Manager in UK

Medicollect UK Ltd is newly formed subsidiary of a Scandinavian based patient recruitment organisation with a unique business model and proposition aimed at pharma, CROs and biotec.

Medicollect was established in 2012 and has gained a leading position in Denmark and Sweden within its field. Its customers are MSD, Bayer, Sanofi, Novo Nordisk, GSK and other smaller pharma/biotec.

Medicollect is now rolling out its ambitious strategy aiming at becoming the leading patient community company in Europe. UK is set to become the new European hub for the 2019-2021-expansion into all major European countries (Germany, France, Spain, Italy).

The UK team:

Our new Sales Manager in UK will play a leading role in executing this plan successfully. The Sales Manager will become the first staff member of the Medicollect UK Ltd and will be leading the team, which for a start will include a study nurse and a proposal writer. All staff members will have home offices, but we will be setting up a location for you to meet and team up occas ionally.

The job:

The sales manager will be responsible for promoting Medicollect services to pharma and biotec companies in the UK. The hard core KPIs will be: established contacts, introductionary meetings, project proposals and purchase orders. Medicollect’s existing clients in the UK (Sanofi, Bayer and others) will be handed over and serviced by the Sales Manager. You will work closely together with the CEO of Medicollect, who also acts as Sales Executive to global clients.

Pharma companies are often large complex organisations, which makes it challenging to identify the right decision makers, who are high ranking directors and heads of clinical trial operation.

The person:

We are looking for an ambitious and outgoing professional, probably in the 30’es, with a confident and well-manered approach. The person must have personal sales experience from the pharmaceutical industri. This could have been achieved from a position with a CRO or other supplier to the industri. Our new sales manager probably holds a degree from a university, either within business or science. We consider ourselves to be hard working, open and honest, tougher than the rest and bright heads. We hope you fit this decription.

The compensation and perspective:

Our Sales Manager will be offered a very competitive salary. On top of that we offer an attractive bonus. The sales manager will play a key role in the 2019-2021 European expansion, which could lead to new assignments and responsibilities in the future.

If your interested please contact CEO Torben Lind,

Obesity, weight reduction and NASH among type 2 diabetics

Medicollect has gathered answers from 2.247 members with type 2 diabetes of its Danish Research Panel ( The survey was conducted online 29.-31. January 2018. And we would like to share the results with you.

Type 2 diabetes and overweight are closely connected. But to what extend? What is the average BMI for a person diagnosed with type 2 diabetes? The answer is 31.4.

BMI among type 2 diabetics – distribution in weight classes



But what do people do about their overweight? This issue is approached with two questions.

Have you within the last year reduced your weight with 10 kilos or more?


Have you undergone a weight reduction gastric bypass?



There is an increased focus on Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) and particularly the more serious version NASH (Non Alcoholic Steatohepatitis). Not only because the prevalence is estimated to have doubled since 2000, but also because new treatments are being developed.

NASH is a silent disease, i.e it shows no symptoms. Therefor it is seldom diagnosed. The prevalence of NASH is widely discussed, estimates range from 2-5% of the adult population. The disease is much more common among type 2 diabetics (40% of all NASH patients have diabetes). But the question is, how many type 2 diabetics are actually diagnosed with NASH?

Have you been diagnosed with Non Alcoholic Liver Disease, NAFLD or NASH?



Only 17 out of 2.247 (1,3%) type 2 diabetics report having a NASH/NAFLD diagnose. This is considerably lower than the estimated prevalence among type 2 diabetics (10-15%).

So the conclusion is, that only 1 out of 10 NASH patients (among type 2 diabetics) are diagnosed.



The development of new medicines lies in the hands of nurses

Nurses play a vital role in clinical research from recruitment and screening of patients to performing the clinical trial and documenting research results. Their work is hugely underrated, and the long overdue acknowledgement comes from an unexpected partner.

Every day, study nurses at hospitals around the world make huge efforts to conduct clinical research aimed at improving medical treatment for patients.  But conducting clinical research is a tough struggle of work-resources and time. Increasingly complex studies have made it necessary for study nurses to improve the patient recruitment processes.

Therese Hansen, 44 years old, is a Danish study nurse at the research department at Holbæk Sygehus. She knows the consequences of sites failing to recruit patients for a clinical study;

“We use many resources starting a clinical study. If we haven’t found a patient within two months, it’s highly possible that the clinical study will be shut down. This is a direct consequence for us, the site personal. But another consequence is, that there will not be developed any new and better medicine for the patients.”

Site engagement as a new strategy

When Medicollect, a patient recruitment specialist, identified the crucial role study nurses play in modern clinical research, they decided to take a drastic step: The strategy of the entire company was changed.

Medicollect’s CEO, Rene Ludwigs explains: “The moment we realized how important study nurses are for future medical development, it was clear to us that we needed to engage with them and learn from them. We hired an experienced study nurse as Site Relations Manager, and her direct engagement with site personnel provides crucial insights on their everyday challenges with patient recruitment; insights we use to guide our development”.

One of the first learning’s from engaging directly with study nurses, was their need for easy access to patients with a high probability of enrollment. By focusing on relieving study nurses from the time consuming task of identifying patients for enrollment, Medicollect works as a partner more than a supplier.

Medicollect’s new Site Relations Manager, Birgit Hauggaard-Nielsen is excited that she can use her experience as study nurse to improve the patient recruitment process. “I know about the challenges site nurses face every day, especially when it comes to patient recruitment. Therefor I’m excited to work with site engagement in my new position at Medicollect, because we can support and assist study nurses with a time consuming task, and ultimately make their work a lot easier”.

Nurses welcome new digital too

One of the Danish hospitals partnering with Medicollect is Holstebro Sygehus. Karen Devantier works as a study nurse at the medical research department, and she has had first hand experience receiving patients from Medicollect.

It’s the first time that we are working together with an external company, but I think that it’s great. Medicollect delivers patients who are committed and ready to participate in clinical trials, and the patients are very easy to contact. This ultimately makes my job as study nurse much easier”, says Karen.

And she expresses equal excitement with Medicollect’s digital enrollment system, called Enroller. Through this pre-screened patients with a high probability for enrollment are made accessible for study nurses with each patients’ medical- and contact information ready at hand.

Enroller is brilliant! It’s easy to use and I can quickly access the patients’ contact information. I would describe the system as user-friendly. It helps me get a quick access to all the information that I need, so I can get in contact with the pre-screened patients quickly”, Karen adds.

A new patient recruitment partner

Both Karen and Therese think that there are many upsides for partnering up with Medicollect, and that Medicollect’s focus on site engagement makes the difference.

Earlier, we have tried to recruit patients for clinical trials by advertising in the papers, but that didn’t pay off. I think that working with Medicollect is an easier, more efficient and better way to recruit patients”, says Karen.

Do you want to know more about Medicollect?

Then contact COO, Torben Lind, or  +45 40 44 38 53

Dedicated focus on relations with site personnel

In order to build upon Medicollect’s great relations with site personnel, Medicollect has decided to hire two dedicated Site Relations Managers, responsible for communication with research nurses and investigators at sites in Denmark and United Kingdom.

For quite a while, we have been looking for people with strong communication skills, thorough understanding of the challenges faced by site personnel, and an empathetic personality. I am happy to say that we have succeeded”, says Medicollect’s CEO, Rene Vind Ludwigs.

The British Site Relations Manager, Cassie Merenick is an experienced nurse with several health care competencies from both Canada and Sweden. She has been involved  with research projects throughout  her career.  She has extensive knowledge about the work day as a nurse and insights on strongholds, and the challenges site personnel face.

I know how difficult it is to find the patients needed for modern clinical trials. Protocols are becoming increasingly specific, with narrowing participation criteria. This, in turn, leads to greater patient recruitment challenges. Finding the time and resources to recruit patients is becoming a  heavier burden for site personnel”, Cassie Merenick explains.

And she continues:
This position as Site Relations Manager, is like a dream come true  professionally. I have always wanted to combine my competencies within clinical research while meeting patient’s needs. At Medicollect I have the opportunity to achieve this rare and unique combination. It makes me very proud and enthusiastic”.

Want to know more about Medicollect’s focus on site relations?

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Facts on Medicollect

  • Patient Recruitment Organisation (PRO) since 2012
  • Recruiting patients in Europe across all diseases

Medicollect provides user friendly software for patient recruitment

Medicollect is proud to present Enroller, a truly innovative IT project the company has been involved in since late 2015.

Enroller is a software solution developed specifically for presenting elevated security level patient data to hospital personnel in a user friendly way.

As a screening tool, Enroller captures all data gathered throughout the screening process, providing a total picture of the patient at a glance for Medicollect staff as well as hospital personnel. Enroller not only speeds up the process of screening patients for clinical trials, it also improves the quality of the screening and elevates the level of security with which patients’ sensitive information is treated.

The project is sponsored by the Innovation Fund Denmark, and has been developed in close partnership with the Danish diabetes community, The Life With Diabetes.

For introduction to Enroller, please contact CEO Torben Lind

Neurology added as a Medicollect core competence

Medicollect’s competences on recruiting people with diabetes for clinical trials have been in great demand.

 Based on clients’ requests Medicollect has decided to add Neurology as a core recruitment service. In UK Medicollect already has a client, Canbex Therapeutics, who is dedicated to treating spasticity in multiple sclerosis. 

The company CEO, Torben Lind agrees that it is a bold move:

“It’s clearly a very ambitious strategy to expand that quickly, but we have set the pace high because our clients are happy with our services. We are looking forward to working on other MS projects as well as projects focusing on Alzheimer’s and Parkinson. “

So far, companies such as Novartis, GSK, and the international CRO, Pharm-Olam, have shown interest in using Medicollect’s recruitment services within neurology as well.

CRO Medpace initiates cooperation with Medicollect

After being approved as a supplier to some of the world’s largest pharma companies, Medicollect is proud of also having completed vendor qualification in one of the largest CROs, Medpace.

Medpace has operations in over 50 countries and holds a strong position in diabetes trials. Therefore Medicollect and Medpace match exceptionally well.

Medpace has already asked Medicollect to provide participants for a study on the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers in both the UK and Denmark. We expect a lot from the cooperation with Medpace “says Torben Lind, CEO of Medicollect.

Patient recruitment company for diabetes trials, Medicollect, increases investments and enters UK market.

Copenhagen, Denmark – Medicollect today announced its expansion into UK, increasing its acceptance footprint across the continent. The addition of the British network extends the company’s reach to 3, 4 million diabetes patients.

According to a report produced for the drug company Novartis clinical trials in the United Kingdom cost significantly more than in other European countries, in large because of poor rates of recruitment (source).

“This means that there is an increasing need for innovative and reliable solutions that address market needs,” says Torben Lind, COO at Medicollect. “Our investment in UK will secure that test patients for clinical diabetes trials in United Kingdom will be provided at the same fast, safe and reliable way that Medicollect has serviced the Scandinavian market.

Through collaborating with diabetes stakeholders in UK and Denmark, Medicollect is directly contributing to bringing medical innovation to patients faster and support United Kingdom’s transformation to once more being a strong center for clinical trials.

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Patient recruitment company, Medicollect, in close cooperation with Danish Diabetes Association

Medicollect has taken the initiative to establish the Danish group for diabetics who want to participate in clinical research, The Diabetics Panel.

Danish Diabetes Association will invite their members to sign up for the free membership of The Diabetics Panel, and by doing so, they acknowledges their members’ wish to know about the current diabetes research.

Medicollect also acknowledge the importance of the work done by Danish Diabetes Association, and will therefore send out information to all panel members about Danish Diabetes Association.

Medicollect is proud of this cooperation, and Torben Lind, COO, states: “Cooperation at such strategic level is a testimony to the seriousness, and professionalism with which we work, and we are proud to be acknowledged by a institution as fundamental for Danish diabetics as Danish Diabetics Association”.

So far, the cooperation spans until summer 2015, with the possibility of being prolonged into a more ongoing framework.

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