About us

Medicollect accelerates the process of bringing medical innovations to market.

We improve the efficiency of clinical trials by solving the biggest problem, inadequate patient recruitment. Due to lack of participants, most trials are delayed leading to budget overruns. Medicollect’s sole business objective is to ensure sufficient patients for clinical trails – faster, safer, and more reliable.

At Medicollect, we provide innovative digital services disrupting the patient recruitment industry. Sophisticated software goes hand in hand with personal dialogue and service.

Our aim is to make participation in clinical trials faster, safer and more reliable.

Medicollect is an international company with global ambitions. We strive to be the leading provider of patient recruitment in every market. The position is achieved by our hard working team with the right skillset.

Meet the team

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to recruit patients for your clinical trials

Rene Ludwigs

Rene Ludwigs

CEO & Founder

Rene’s vision is to accelerate the process of bringing medical innovations to market by ensuring sufficient patients for clinical trails – faster, safer, and more reliable.

Prior to Medicollect, Rene spent over 19 years holding senior leadership roles within Danish and French pharmaceutical and medical devices companies.

Rene has a Master of Science from Copenhagen Business School and an MBA from IMD in Switzerland.

Contact Rene here:

+46 76 199 25 30

Torben Lind

Torben Lind

COO & Founder

Torben Lind is an experienced executive with proven track record in both general management and market research.

Torben firmly believes in constant business innovation, and holds a strong focus on costumer satisfaction.

Contact Torben here:

+45 4044 3853

Kim Krogsgaard

Kim Krogsgaard

MD, Medical Specialist

Kim Krogsgaard, MD, consultant and clinician, specialist in infectious diseases and internal medicine with a comprehensive experience from clinical research and clinical drug development.

Furthermore Kim is an experienced and was founder and CEO of PhaseOneTrials A/S, conducting phase I/II trials for pharmaceutical industry and the biotech industry.

Lastly Kim is the Managing Director of the Lundbeck European Brain Research Foundation.