Patient recruitment company, Medicollect, continues final vendor qualification streak with MSD

Earlier this year, Medicollect achieved its first vendor milestone, when worlds second largest pharmaceutical company, Novartis, finalized the detailed vendor qualification process.

Now, MSD has also approved all SOP’s submitted by Medicollect for vendor qualification, making it the second finalized procedure from a global pharmaceutical company in mere months.

Pharmaceutical companies and CROs have shown huge interest in Medicollect’s services. It is a clear testimony to Medicollect’s innovative aspects and professionalism that global pharmaceutical companies are eager to enter into vendor partnerships with Medicollect.

As Torben Lind, COO in Medicollect, phrases it: “Medicollect focuses exclusively on solving the recruitment challenge faced by companies involved with clinical trial, and our services come across as the best solution the market has to offer right now”.

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