Danish patient recruitment company, Medicollect, reports great success with Diabetics Panel and COPD Panel.

facebook page.jpgIn March 2014 patient recruitment company, Medicollect, took initiative to establish groups for Danes with either Diabetes or COPD. Besides the diagnosis, only requirement is a willingness to participate in clinical research.

Already the first month, there were more than 1,000 members in each panel and since then it has grown steadily to more than 3,000 members . Currently, more than 100 new members sign up every week.

This rapid growth is a testimony to the great interest among Danes with diabetes and COPD when it comes to active participation in clinical research on new drugs.

Medicollect has already received great interest from pharmaceutical companies and CRO’s, as we have recruited patients with diabetes to 3 different trials:

Grünenthal needs people with diabetes and nerve pain and Sanofi seeks diabetics to two large trials with the new drug Lixilan.

At Medicollect we are proud of the tremendous interest and are very pleased to facilitate the contact between Danish diabetics and researchers.

Both the COPD Panel and the Diabetic Panel have their own pages on Facebook. The more people who know about the panels, the greater the chance that we get new medicines to Denmark.

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